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Company License Registration in Fujairah.

Like other emirates, before 1984, Fujairah also followed its own procedures governing the operations of foreign business interests in the Emirate. In 1984, Federal Law No. 8 of 1984, its amendment by Federal Law No. 13 of 1988 - the ‘Commercial Companies Law” and its by-laws have been issued. The law makes it conditional that the companies be wholly owned by nationals or that nationals own at least 51% of its share capital, while the remaining 49% may belong to foreigners. The law provides that commercial companies established in the U.A.E must take any of the following legal forms:.

1. General Partnership Company:

 2. Partnership in-commendam (Limited Partnership)

4. Private Shareholding Company

5. Limited Liability Company

6. Joint Venture (Consortium Company)

7. Professional Companies (Professional Partnership)

8. Sole Proprietorship Firm to practice a profession

9. Appointing a Commercial Agent (Exclusive Distributor)

10. Opening a branch or representative office of the foreign company

11. Establishments by GCC Citizens



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